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Last week, we sent out an email — asking for help with an important task.

As a not-for-profit organization, our Board of Directors has partnered with Community Researchers and the Brock University Centre for Sport Capacity to commission a survey that will analyze the social and economic impact of Play On! events across Canada. The data from this survey will better equip us to bring the events back - bigger and better than ever - and to deliver them in a manner that is affordable and welcoming for all.

There is something pure and sweet about road hockey that is worth preserving for generations to come, and everyone deserves the opportunity to play.

Are you a past Play On! participant? A parent or guardian of one? A referee, a volunteer, or perhaps just a fan of the game? Complete the survey today, you could be part of the reason Play On! is able to return.

The survey will close tomorrow at 11:59 PM EST.

Thank you for your time.


Steve Wallace
Acting CEO
Play On! Canada

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JULY 22, 2021

Coach Jeremy Rupke

Hockey Dad and Coach
Viral YouTuber with 99+ Million Views
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JULY 15, 2021

Kaleb Dahlgren

Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Survivor
Diabetes and Mental Health Advocate
National Bestselling Author
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JULY 8, 2021

Kevin Lowe

Six-Time Stanley Cup Winner
Alternate Governor, Edmonton Oilers
Board Member, Play On! Canada
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Vince Capano
Toronto, Ontario

Share a little about yourself, what you do at
Play On! Canada and where you are from, Vince!

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